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AriaPro 2 Leopard model LS600 1981 - Amber Shellac

A very pretty and superb Aria ls600 from 1981 with some pretty rare features like a solid maple top with a very particular Flame, mahogany neck , Rosewood fretboard, correct neck angle, binding nibs and factory stainless steel frets which are practically still like new after 40 odd years.

The guitar also has an abr-1 style bridge with the posts going directly into the body and something similar to a long neck tenon. the pots have Been upgraded to Bourns and It’s also features upgraded paper in oil capacitors.

The neck is a nice round medium C profile and is very comfortable with a low action. Pickups are original dimarzio double white PAF‘s which sound absolutely glorious!

The guitar has had its original poly finish stripped and redone in a beautiful shellac finish which really gives the guitar a fantastic vintage vibe. Pictures of the original guitar are available on request.

Weighs 4kg

Cones in a soft/hard case

   EUROS 2,350

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