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Charvel 650XL 1989 Dark Metallic Green

A legendary Japanese Shredder.
The 80’s would’ve never been complete without that big creamy Charvel logo and lots of shark fin inlays!

This Charvel is in great condition overall and 100% original, there is some cosmetic play wear, dings and buckle rash but the guitar is well cared for. There’s also a ding on the back of the headstock which seems to have been touched up with some paint. The frets are in very good shape and there is just some very minor wear on the hardware. Weight is 4.1kg
She comes in a fender soft case

The Charvel 650XL or the Charvel 650
Custom is part of Charvel's Professional
Series. According to the Charvel catalog, It's
a custom version of the Charvel 550XL. It
features neck-through construction, passive
pickups with active mid-boost system
(requires 9V battery) and a Floyd Rose
Jackson u1690 tremolo. Other features are
Matching headstock
Bound fretboard and headstock
Mid-boost control knob
Recessed trem route
Jackson JE-1200 Active circuit
The Charvel 650XL can be seen as the
successor of the Charvel Model 6 of the
Charvel Model Series. And the successor of
the Charvel 650XL is the Jackson Soloist

EUROS 1,600

Charvel 650XL 1989 Dark Metallic Green: Gallery
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