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Epiphone Crestwood custom 1962 - Polaris White

Here’s a super rare and very Beautiful Epiphone crestwood custom from 1962 in custom color Polaris white. If you’re going down the Epiphone rabbit hole, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

A PAF, Honduran mahogany , Brazilian rosewood equipped guitar and it’s Made in the Gibson Kalamazoo factory!

The guitar is mostly original apart from the machine heads which are high quality kluson double line replacements, the nut and the stoptail which seems to have been done a very long time ago. The guitar has had a recent pro refret with medium jumbo frets and is ready to go!

There are some old and small paint touch ups , one where the ground wire for the tremotone system used to be, and another around the neck heel. the neck heel seems to have moved forward at one point in time and has been repaired, it’s well known that these guitars are very prone to neck heel issues. it is now very stable and has been for decades. I will provide many detailed pictures upon request.

Now to the good stuff!
The guitar boasts a set of mythical PAF mini humbuckers that just sound sublime! the original abr1 bridge was specifically made for these models, they have much shorter ‘dug out’ sides to leave more room for adjustment on the shallow neck angle. its Also got it’s original traparent acrylic pickguard with the ‘E’ emblem embedded under.

The original case seems to be a leftover 1950’s hardcase from Epiphones New York days!

Please reach out to us for more info.

EUROS 10,500

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