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ESP Surveyor Standard Series 2007 - Black

A really nice and pretty uncommon ESP Surveyor bass from 2007 Made in Japan with top quality parts and a very very solid build, the bass is 100% original as it left the factory.

The fretboard is a beautiful dark ebony perfectly complimenting the ebony finish.

The frets are also in perfect condition. The bass also features dual emg active pickups with a humbucker at the bridhe position and a single coil at the neck.

Needless to say both sound absolutely killer!

There are a few faint scratches on the body and some very minor pitting on the hardware other than that it’s a very nice and well cared for Japanese bass from 2007.

It also comes in it’s original ESP hardcase

   EUROS 2,000

ESP Surveyor Standard Series 2007 - Black: Gallery
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