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Fender 54’ Stratocaster Ltd  AVRI 1 of 1954  2014 - Two Tone Sunburst

Here’s a very beautiful 54’ Reissue made in 2014 for fenders 60th anniversary with only 1,954 pieces made available worldwide.

They went crazy on this one, it is in our opinion, custom shop quality with a very thin nitro finish, two piece ash body with off center side seam, correct plastics including tall boy knobs, football switch tip and rounded pickup covers.

The neck is chunky and very rounded even the edges on the headstock are beautifully rounded on this one, very pleasant to play with a vintage 7.25” radius.

The Strat is in 100% original condition and very well cared for with only a few small dings, surface scratches and the start of some subtle weather checking on the back.

The guitar comes in its original G&G tweed case which is also slightly smaller than most reissue cases And includes all paperwork, tags , backplate , whammy bar, ashtray ,vintage strap and an extra 3-way switch.

Weighs just 3.5kg

EUROS 2,800

Fender 54’ Stratocaster Ltd AVRI 1 of 1954 2014 - Two Tone Sunburst: Gallery
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