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Fender 62’ Telecaster Custom TLC-62BEX 1985 - Sunburst

Here’s a superb early Japanese ‘A Serial’ Tele Custom, a very well built and great sounding guitar!

This one has a neck date of 4-20-85 and is stamped ‘TLC-62BEX inside the neck pocket, we suppose this means ‘telecaster custom 62 binding export’

There’s a cool old sticker on the back of the headstock which indicates that this Tele came out of a store in holland.

The guitar is 100% original with undisturbed solders and a factory 5-way switch!

Cool things about this Tele include a beautiful dark rosewood fretboard, a wide neck with nice rolled edges and a contoured headstock.

The frets are original and in good condition with the ‘Cowboy chord’ area mostly being used with a few indentations on the treble side.

The pickups sound fantastic anything from warm to super twangy, the 5-way switch also helps getting more tones out of this thing.

There are a few normal signs of wear including some buckle rash , small dings and small chip in the paint on the backside.

No Case

Weighs 3.6kg

EUROS 1,700

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