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Fender The Strat 1980 Ruby Red

A wonderful short lived version of the Strat!

This Strat is in great players condition, with a beautifully aged nitrocellulose finish which is wearing out in all the right places!
The only work done to the guitar is a pro refret and the fretboard is re-radiused to a flatter radius. The previous owner was probably a shredder. The guitar weighs 5.1kg and comes in a soft case

Some construction features returned to pre-CBS specs, including the four bolt neck joint, smaller headstock, and removal of the bullet-style truss rod adjustment.

Many new features also debuted with this model. An added two-way rotary selector replaced the lower tone control (mid pickup) and was wired for more pickup switching combinations, nine in total. The four additional tones were

neck and middle pickups in series

middle and bridge pickups in series

neck and bridge pickups in parallel

neck and bridge pickups in parallel with middle pickup in series

The STRAT featured a hotter bridge pickup, marketed by Fender as the X-1. The controls and hardware were gold plated and included a uniquely massive synchronized tremolo.

There was no standard neck for The STRAT, but three shapes were available: C, D, and U. Some colors featured matched headstock painting.

The high production costs of "The STRAT" led to it being discontinued in the course of 1983

   EUROS 1,999

Fender Stratocaster The Strat 1980 Ruby Red: Gallery
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