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Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite 1994 - Black

Here’s a very cool Les Paul Studio lite the early 90’s. These guitars are known for their fantastic relieved weight and ebony fretboards. this one has been completely overhauled with the finish stripped and refinished in a very thin satin nitro black top with natural back and sides.
The guitar features Gibson historic hardware in nickel finish like an abr-1 bridge, lightweight aluminum tailpiece and double line deluxe tuners with thin shaft. it is good to mention that the abr-1 conversion with the studs going directly into the body , this helps the overall tone of the guitar alot.

The pickups are from Germany , a matched set of rockinger bell buckers all wired up with high end ancient us made wire, Japanese pot with special carbon caps sound great and give you a very clear roll off!

The guitar comes in a wedged Gibson softcase

EUROS 1,750

Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite 1994: Gallery
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