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An Amazing and super lightweight LG-0 from 1961 with a 4.2mm nut width and a nice wide/ slim neck!

This guitar has been finished in oil and completely re braced, LG-0 and LG-1 models are Ladder braced. the bracing pattern has been switched to a more traditional (and much better sounding!) X-brace pattern, all the braces used are beautifully carved and scalloped, the braces are made from 100+ year old spruce from old American piano soundboards. Needless to say the guitar sounds and plays amazing!
It’s a vintage guitar that is completely ready for the road, with it being completely mahogany, it makes for a more rigid construction with a top that is not as prone to warping or cracking as spruce is.

The guitar is fitted with a fantastic K&K pure mini passive under saddle pickup which sounds very good and very natural!

The fretboard is Brazilian rosewood and the frets are original and in great shape. The action is low and there is a nice break angle on the saddle!

EUROS 2,530

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