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Gibson SG special 1974 - Cherry

A badass rock n roll machine!  
This SG special is in great condition with no repairs or cracks. The guitar was routed for humbuckers at some point, the pickups are Lollar imperial PAF style pickups with nickel covers and sound phenomenal!   
The guitar has a tonepros bridge instead of the harmonica style bridge and great stable Schiller kluson style tuners with no extra holes. The frets are jumbos professionally refretted and spotless. The neck has a very nice profile with a skinny nut leading into a slightly chunkier shape. 
The guitar has lovely weather checking patterns all throughout and has faded from cherry into more of a slight walnut color. it’s also a really really good playing and sounding one, both acoustically and plugged in!   
Weighs 3.1kg, comes in a non original hardcase 

EUROS 2,550

Gibson SG special 1974 - Cherry: Gallery
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