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Gibson SG Standard 61’ Sideways Vibrola 2021 Cherry

A gorgeous 61’ SG Standard from last year’s collection!

This SG is 100% original and stock
Gibson brings some vintage vibe to the standard line with this classic SG
It has a thinner body with deeper bevels and the neck joining at the 22nd fret just like the early 60’s! It also features two fantastic 60’s burstbucker pickups, faux abr1 bridge, vintage style wiring with orange drop capacitors and a very cool Sideways Vibrola which is currently blocked using the MojoAxe vibro-stop adding even more sustain to the guitar,
The mojoaxe runs around €150 by itself.

The guitar is in very good condition and has barely seen any playtime, there are just some very light picking marks on the pickguard. Comes in the original tan brown hardcase with all paperwork and Case candy!

EUROS 1,800

Gibson SG Standard 61’ Sideways Vibrola 2021 Cherry: Gallery
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