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Greco MX-700 1979 - Sunburst

An amazing Greco from the 1979

this was the year that Greco and ibanez shared the same exact model line up, in Ibanez’s case this would be the Artist model.

The guitar is very well set up and plays like absolute butter.

It features a 3 piece maple top , mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, abr style bridge, greco machine heads with height adjustable shafts (crazy!) and Super 70 humbuckers Which sound absolutely sublime!

The guitar has some buckle rash on the back and some light surface scratches. The frets are in perfect condition and the binding has started to crackle slightly. there is also two filled holes on the heel from previous strap buttons .

Weighs 3.7 kg

Comes in a light hardcase

EUROS 1,425

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