Hofner 500/1 1965 Sunburst

Be Like Sir Paul! 
This Early Transitional 65’ 500/1 bass was dug up by us around 8 years ago, it had been in storage a long time in its original case, we gave it a neck reset and sourced a very good repro wide panel control plate w/orig knobs and pickguard the rest is still original as we found it, ever since the bass has been enjoying its time in a local musicians studio. 
This Bass is a very early transitional model 
with the earlier 63/4 pickups and surrounds, also the length of the tailpiece is slighty shorter than a 63/4 but slightly longer than the later 65’s. The color is still beautiful and vibrant, the maple back and sides have a tasteful 3D flame to them and the neck has just that right amount of wear. Its a killer thumpin’ bass and it comes in its original selmer case , which has seen better days 😂 
We’re also looking for a trade on a Pbass for this one! 

EUROS 3,699