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Gibson SG Special 1969 Polaris White Refin

Here’s a gorgeous 69’ SG Special in player grade condition! 
The guitar has been professionally refinished in an aged nitro Polaris white color and features most of it’s original parts apart from the P90 pickups which are an unknown set of high end P90 pups that sound real gooooood!

And also the 1980’s gotoh replacement tuners, also there is some extra screw holes in the pickguard near the bridge pickups.

The guitar is refretted and plays like butter! We cannot see any sign of a neck or heel break under black light although the guitar has suffered a small crack near the horn at some point before refinishing.

Overall a really beautiful and killer players guitar! Weighs only 3.3kg and comes in a vintage Italian hardcase.

EUROS 3,630

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