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Ernie Ball 4112 FlexTune Clip On tuner

Ernie Ball 4112 FlexTune Clip On tuner

  • Ernie Ball 4112 FlexTune is a portable clip-on tuner that fits all types of guitars and other stringed instruments.

    The large 2-inch LCD display gives you a bright and clear picture and is easy to read from any angle. The versatility of this tuner is further enhanced by the ability to freely rotate the display 360 degrees using two levers.

    The FlexTune tuner supports several tuning modes: chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele and violin, and has a built-in microphone sensor.

    For electric guitars:
    Enter a new era of guitar tuning. The FlexTune clip-on tuner offers you more options than any analogue on the market. Change the tuning in minutes and keep playing!

    For bass guitars:
    Take care of the lower frequency range with the FlexTune tuner. It is the perfect bass tuner for your favorite chords throughout the range. No matter what playing technique you use, the FlexTune clip-on tuner will help you in every situation.

    For ukulele, banjo, etc.:
    The FlexTune Clip Tuner is also ideal for tuning ukuleles, banjos, violins and more. Take care of the sound of your instrument with the FlexTune tuner.

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