Mesa Boogie DC-5

Mesa Boogie DC-5

  • Early 90's USA made all tube richness in this Boogie combo


  • Amazing condition for its age, still has factory QC cards!


  • The Mesa Studio Caliber series launched in the early '90s along with the much more popular Dual and Triple Rectifier. The DC-5 ran on 50 watts and was made as both a combo and a head. 
  • pecification:

    All tube guitar combo amplifier.

    2 Channels.

    Independent Gain, Volume and Reverb control for each channel.

    Independent EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence per channel.

    5 band graphic EQ.

    Master Volume.

    Preamp valves: 5x 12AX7.

    Poweramp valves:  2x 6L6GC.

    Power: 50W RMS.

    Speaker output 4,8 and 16 Ohm.

    Effects Loop w send level adjust.

    Speaker:  Celestion K12-200e.

    Dimensions: 57 x 47 x 26 [cm].

    Weight: 27 [kg].