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NUX B-6 Sax Wireless Saxophone System

NUX B-6 Sax Wireless Saxophone System

  • The NUX B-6 wireless system for Saxophones has three dedicated modes. Each mode comes with an optimal EQ curve for the Soprano Saxophone, the Alto Saxophone and the Tenor Saxophone. To switch among different modes, simply press the POWER/SCENE button on the transmitter.

    Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    Operating range: 2.4 GHz
    Specifications: Latency Less than 4ms
    Specifications II: Auto-sleep Mode After 10 minutes without operation
    Specifications III: Built-in Battery Capacity 3.7V/500mA (Transmitter&Receiver)
    Features: Battery Life Up to 7 hours of playing time
    Length: 153 mm
    Width: 113 mm
    Height: 55 mm
    Weight: 389g

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