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RightOn! Leather Neck Strap Link  Brown\Woody\Canyon

RightOn! Leather Neck Strap Link Brown\Woody\Canyon

Acoustic guitar strap button, headstock Tie The RightOn! leather guitar strap button provides instant access for your strap in any headstock. Made from top grain cowhide. NECK STRAPLINK Wraps around headstock just above the nut (under the strings) & attaches to any guitar strap.

Perfect for anyone who doesn't want to drill a strap button hole in the heel of their guitar.

This is a must-have guitar accessory to connect your guitar strap safely and securely to your guitar without risking unnecessary damage caused by bad fitting strap solutions in areas on your precious guitar that always fail in the end and make you wish you had just did it properly in the first place saving you that, why am i such an idiot feeling, so just buy it and stop risking the expensive repair job on your beautiful instrument that could have so easily been avoided.    

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