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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal Booth

What an elegant and simple way to improve the sound of your acoustic space! Not everyone has the budget or the space to work in a perfectly "tuned" and treated acoustic space. But that doesn't mean you can't sound great. Believe it or not, sE Electronics' Reflexion Filter does an amazing job of making your mic sound better, because its six different layers diffuse the sound waves around the mic. Better yet, it mounts to any mic stand - you can take this portable acoustic treatment into other rooms or to other locations! The Reflexion Filter costs a fraction of what a full-room treatment would cost, and it does an outstanding job taming the reflections in the room. If you record, you'll want this on your favorite mic!


  • Treatment Type:Balanced Absorption and Diffusion
  • Number of Panels:1
  • Coverage:14.5" W x 12" H x 8" D
  • Construction:Wool
  • Color:Silver
  • Weight:8 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:RF-PRO-U
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