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Yamaha THR10 Stereo Modelling Amp

Yamaha THR10 Stereo Modelling Amp

Mint condition, included manual and power supply!


The Yamaha THR10 has eight main models: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, Modern, Bass, Aco (Acoustic) and Flat (for listening to music, not playing an instrument). It's little brother, the THR5 is bit more guitar-focused, lacking the Bass, Acoustic and Flat settings. With standard three-knob EQ, a gain knob and master volume, it's a familiar set up. Onboard effects include Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo, as well as a delay (with a Tap Tempo button) and three reverbs. Other functions include a tuner and five user preset modes.

While this certainly won't be the only amp you'll need, the Yamaha THR10 is a probably the best "swiss army knife amp" out there. It won't take much room on your shelf or that big of a bite out of your bank account.



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