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YUKA DJWK05-8 Djembe

YUKA DJWK05-8 Djembe

Djembe YUKA DJWK05-8 is made from a single piece of mahogany, and the drum head is made from goatskin. Sizes are approximate, since djembe is made from a single piece of wood, the size may vary, especially the diameter. This model measures 7.5" (19 cm) in miniature size (approximately) with a membrane diameter (approximate) of 5.5" (13.97 cm). The tension force of the membrane is adjusted using a nylon rope passed through metal rings. The body is decorated with ethnic dot painting. The drawing is applied by hand and is individual on each djembe.

Tuning: Rope Tuned
Diameter: 5,5"
Specifications: Body material: mahogany
Specifications II: Drum head: natural goatskin
Specifications III: Decorated with ethnic dotted ornament
Height: 7,5" (19 cm)

    €19.00 Regular Price
    €12.00Sale Price
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