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Rickenbacker 4003 1995 - Mapleglo

Here’s a really beautiful, light and ergonomic Rickenbacker 4003 from 1995

 The bass is all original and very well taken care of, it features a maple body with Rickenbacker‘s signature neck through construction along with a bound and lacquered rosewood fretboard with the classic ‘Shark fin’ inlays!

The frets are still in very good condition and the action is very low. The bass sounds pretty much as you’d expect a Rick to sound, Growly no nonsense, one trick pony But it doesn’t that one trick very damn well!

The bass has got some regular signs of wear but is in very well taken care of condition and comes in the original Rickenbacker hard case.

EUROS 2,799

Rickenbacker 4003 1995 - Mapleglo: Gallery
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