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Tanglewood TSF CE N Evolution IV Electro Acoustic LEFT HANDED

Near mint condition ,barely played great little left handed Tangelwood electro acoustic guitar in beautiful natural satin finish, comes equipped with on board Fishman pickup system.

The Tanglewood Evolution IV range delivers very well made guitars with bodies made from woods a step down from the Evolution Exotic range.

Tanglewood treat all of their instruments with the same due care and attention, but this model boasts something that makes it a little bit special. Master luthier Michael Sanden's tapered parallel bracing pattern has been incorporated in the design and construction of the TSF CE N, reinforcing the soundboard to aid in its ability to resonate freely, whilst preventing warping or buckling over time.

You can rest assured that this guitar is built to take all you can throw at it on the stage, and keep coming back for more


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