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Taylor 816 CE 2014 Natural 40th Anniversary

This 2014 Taylor 816ce is a Grand Symphony size, giving you an expanded, powerful low end while delivering beautiful, clear note articulation. This has also recently benefited from Andy Powers' redesign of the entire 800 Series, and includes new bracing for amazing tone, hide and fish glue construction for better resonance and aesthetic upgrades (check out the Rosewood pickguard) that make it unique and a modern classic. This is well suited to strummers and fingerstyle players, and is outfitted already with Taylor's great (and easy to use) Taylor Expression System 2, so you can just plug in whenever you're gigging and your true sound is right there, just more so.

This 816 gives you the classic combination of a Sitka Spruce top with unique and truly stunning Rosewood back and sides in the powerful Grand Symphony body style. Playability is outstanding with a comfortable 1 3/4" nut width on an Ebony fretboard, graced with the beautiful mother-of-pearl Element inlay work. The Taylor 816ce is a really great-sounding, comfortable acoustic with an elegant appearance. This comes with a road runner soft-hard case and fully set up!

The 816CE's Grand Symphony body style and Venetian cutaway have not been altered since the instrument was first released 2006, but a few incremental changes have been made under the hood. When the guitar was released it featured Taylor's Forward Shifted bracing and original Expression System pickup.

In 2007 Taylor revamped the Expression System to run on 9V batteries instead of AA's, and the 2007 816CE got the upgrade. This happened again in 2010 for the third iteration of the Expression System, and again in 2014 for the current iteration, dubbed the Expression System 2 as it was completely revoiced where the previous iterations were mostly battery and placement improvements.

In 2009, Taylor introduced its new CV bracing style, which enhanced the resonation of the top of the guitar, resulting in slightly clearer, louder output. Taylor changed the bracing of the 816CE again in 2014 to its Advanced Performance bracing style designed specifically to accentuate the size and shape of the 816, where previous iterations took a one-size-fits-all approach for the whole lineup in the 800 and 900 series

EUROS 3,750

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